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The Molecular Sciences Institute was an independent, non-profit research laboratory that combined genomic experimentation and computer modeling. The mission of the MSI is to predict the behavior of cells and organisms in response to defined genetic and environmental changes. Progress toward this goal will significantly increase our understanding of biological systems and help catalyze radical changes in how diseases are understood and treated. Moreover, by enabling a more predictive biological understanding, work at MSI should enable a design-based engineering of biological systems and thus help bring about improvements in agriculture and in the environment.

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February 25, 2009. Smoldyn 2.0 released. Latest version offers significant updates to the Smoldyn spatial stochastic simulator developed by MSI Research Fellow Steve Andrews.

December 11, 2008. MSI announces the discovery of general mechanisms that improves information transmission inside cells.

November 24, 2008. MSI announces the release of HillSim, a software for dose response optimization in signaling systems.

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